How we raise funds

Every year we receive more and more requests for respite breaks. However, we can only help as many people as our funding allows.

Over 300,000 British people are diagnosed with cancer every year. At present though, we are only to help about 350 people every year. Consequently, in order to maximise the number of people we can help, we're always looking for new ways to raise funds.

For Bike 4 Cancer, cycling is both a vehicle for fundraising and convalescence. To meet our objectives, Bike 4 Cancer will raise funds by working closely with both individuals and companies involved in cycling as a whole.

On an individual basis, people have raised funds for us in every way possible! From raising sponsorship funds to compete in famous cycling events to buying raffle tickets, our volunteers remain our biggest asset. If you have an idea which you think could help us to raise funds, please get in touch!

We also work closely with companies involved in a variety of sporting pursuits (sailing, skiing, cycling, running etc). We've built a large number of cause related marketing campaigns which have enabled companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility. Find out more here.

Bike 4 Cancer appreciates everybody's efforts in helping us to raise funds, thereby enabling us to improve the lives of British families living with cancer.

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