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NEWS 8th Aug 2017

√Čtape 2017 by David Lain

If you have ever fancied taking part in the √Čtape,then read on and hear all about David's recent experience in this poem he has written for us.

√Čtape 2017 by David Lain

A sea of bikes waits,

Final checks.

Gels, bananas
Shades, helmet,
A la tête.

A shout, a surge
Saddle up, clip in,
no words.

The start line.
Kilometre zero,
a welcome sign.

To the étape,
of adventure,
of mountains,
of climbs.

Of twisting and twisting,
and twisting

A yellow sun.
The fierce burn.
Lycra melts,
as faces turn,
breathing and gasping.
A search for air.


Breath expires.
Red blood cells, starved.
But at last. Atop.
Le Col de Vars

Bike gears chime,
on the final climb.
Derailleurs whizz, riders slow,
faces stretched,
in a painful show.

The trees turn to rock,
And it’s the final turn, the final clock.

We've come so far.
La fin, au sommet.
Le Col de l'Izoard!

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